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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)


Discover the Power of a Partner

Embrace a partnership that redefines efficiency with our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services. Whether you aim to fully outsource your recruitment process or enhance an existing operation, our RPO services offer scalable solutions tailored to meet your distinct needs.

Tailored to you, we provide solutions ranging from immediate, short-term RPO engagements to comprehensive, long-term strategic partnerships. Together, we will navigate the evolving terrain of talent acquisition.

RPO by Owen Daniels

What is an RPO

An RPO is when an external supplier will operate or supplement your recruitment function. This can either be an entire organisations recruitment function, a project focused RPO or to supplement an internal function.

When a RPO is right for you

An RPO will suit your organisation if you need to streamline hiring, reduce recruitment costs, improve hiring quality and scale quickly to meet demands, without overburdening internal staff.

What to expect

A successful RPO creates a framework of successful recruitment, including short term fulfilment and long-term talent strategy. It ensures a business has the capability and capacity to meet hiring demands at all stages, whilst being cost effective.
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Our RPO, designed for you

Core RPO

Our core RPO service is flexible and bespoke to align with your talent strategy. Streamline your hiring process from talent sourcing to onboarding, ensuring you attract the right candidates.

Project RPO

Accelerate your success with our short-term, project-based RPO service.

Designed for swift deployment and agility, it adapts to your immediate hiring requirements.

Embedded RPO

Our expert recruiters integrate into your team, embodying your culture and goals to drive hiring success.

Benefit from on-site expertise and personalised support that scales.

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Why choose an RPO?


Gain a competitive advantage with recruiters dedicated to the STEM sector. Leverage a broad network and in-depth sector knowledge to power your hiring process.


Access a comprehensive technology suite, streamlining your recruitment from attraction to reporting with market leading software.


An RPO service not only embodies your culture and brand. It leverages your unique strengths to attract premier talent, ensuring compliance, optimising costs, and amplifying your brand.

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