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Jul 20, 2023 Success stories

From Recruitment Consultant to Managing Director


This case study explores the career progression and achievements of Dan Kerr, the Managing Director of Energy, who started as a recruitment consultant in the Energy industry nine years ago. From his humble beginnings in the recruitment field, Dan has risen through the ranks to become a highly successful and respected leader. This study highlights his journey, from his initial recruitment role to his current position as the Managing Director, overseeing a global team of professionals providing permanent and contract solutions in the Energy sector.


Dan Kerr began his Energy career when Steve, our CEO, recognized Dan's potential and hired him to join the original Samuel Knight office, specialising in Power Generation. His first role involved identifying and placing qualified candidates in various Power Generation roles.

Early Success

Dan quickly demonstrated his aptitude for the recruitment field and became a standout performer. In his early years, he consistently achieved remarkable results, becoming a "million pound biller" by generating £1.2 million in revenue in 2004. His exceptional performance and ability to deliver outstanding results earned him recognition within the industry.

Recognition and Career Progression

Dan's exceptional performance did not go unnoticed, as he was shortlisted for the prestigious title of Global Recruiter of the year two years in a row. Specifically, he was nominated in the category of "Best Temporary Consultant," highlighting his expertise in matching candidates with temporary positions within the energy sector.

Due to his remarkable achievements and continued growth, Dan progressed through various roles within the company. He advanced from Senior Recruiter to Principal, then to Associate Director, and eventually reached the position of Managing Director. Each promotion further solidified his expertise and leadership skills.

Remote Management and Expanded Responsibilities

As the Managing Director of Energy, Dan now faces the challenge of overseeing a global team professionals who specialize in providing permanent and contract solutions in the Energy industry. The diverse locations of the team members require Dan to utilise remote management techniques effectively.

Leading a geographically dispersed team necessitates strong communication, collaboration, and leadership skills. Dan's ability to adapt to this remote management style has allowed him to maintain cohesion within the team, promote a positive work culture, and achieve consistent business growth.


Dan Kerr's remarkable journey from a recruitment consultant to the Managing Director of Energy exemplifies his dedication, expertise, and leadership qualities. His impressive track record as a top performer, coupled with his ability to successfully manage a geographically dispersed team, has positioned him as a respected figure within the energy recruitment industry. Dan's ongoing success and commitment to excellence continue to drive his team's achievements in providing tailored and innovative solutions for clients in the Energy sector.

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