Knowledge, Network and Expertise

At MBN, we have the knowledge, network and expertise to solve your data and technology talent challenges. Our unique methodologies support an unrivalled understanding of the nuances in the sectors we operate in. They allow us to surface hidden talent on behalf of our clients and assist data and technology professionals navigating their next career move.

  • Permanent Recruitment

    The Best Fit, Not First Fit philosophy means we find the talent that’s perfect for your business, every time.


    This means working closely with you to understand your unique challenges, how to solve them and then using a combination of our experience and networks and your needs to build a bespoke strategy to help you find the perfect candidate.


    We understand that culture, values and purpose matter when top talent look for new challenges.


    We’ll help you shape a compelling narrative that attracts the best in the business.

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  • Executive Search

    As leaders in our industry, we’re connected with world-class director-level talent and executives.


    We know they’re amazing because we talk to them about how their businesses are changing the technology and data landscape every day. Our exclusive C-Suite events bring them together in monthly round tables where they discuss their challenges, their business plans and their ambitions - with us and with each other (under chatham house rules, of course).


    So, we know world-class when we see it.


    Whatever kind of business leader you need, we can find them.

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  • Contract / Interim Recruitment

    We’re the partner of choice for many of Europe and the UK’s top-tier organisations looking for specialist data and technology talent to augment and support their teams in delivering high value projects on a contract basis.


    Not only will we find you the best-in-breed professionals, our consultants can also advise on complex issues (looking at you, IR35) and help you navigate the paperwork, advise you on the best way to engage contractors and connect you with other suppliers and domain experts.


    Did we mention that we’re connected with the best of the best in data and technology contractors? Because we are.

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  • MBN Talent Advisory Services

    Our Talent Advisory Services help businesses investigate the art of the possible.


    We’ve helped hundreds of businesses across the UK, Europe, the US and beyond (to infinity!) with advice on skills, availability, costs and timescales in hiring specialist positions and discovering the best locations for full-scale, multi-functional team building.


    Sounds impressive but what does it mean for you?


    It means tailored and battle tested advice on how a position should be shaped, titled, rewarded, and marketed, to ensure your business gets the best fit, not the first fit.


    It means acting as champions for diversity and inclusion and opening the role up to the widest (and deepest) talent pool and advising on reward structures and career paths. But why, you ask? Well, because that’s the world we live in and it’s not a world of carbon copies.


    Beyond helping you design a role; we’re masters of the soft landing.


    We’ve helped businesses choose the best places to set up shop, helped them locate the best talent and what it’s going to cost to turn that talent into high performing teams across the data and technology industries.


    That includes connecting businesses with leading universities and academics through our MBN Academy connections and helping people connect with like-minded souls through our communities.


    We’ve proven just how good our Talent Advisory Services are in partnership with Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Development International on multinational projects that have grown the data and technology communities.


    Speaking of community, we’ve also teamed up with The Data Lab and FinTech Scotland to solve some especially complicated problems, because we’re bright enough to know we don’t always have the answers and when you don’t have the answers, you ask someone that does.

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  • Our Unique View on Talent Attracts the most Innovative Thinkers.

    Our commitment to finding the best fit for a role extends to both our clients and candidates. We place our talent in environments where they can thrive and our reputation and depth of experience means we’ll find unique, innovative people that you can’t get anywhere else.

We’ve been helping businesses grow and data and technology professionals land their dream jobs for almost two decades. Our network and reputation is unrivalled in the Data and Technology industry.

How We Match Businesses and Talent

  • Discovery Phase

    The discovery process is about truth. We’ll sit down with you to learn the nature of your talent challenge and explore which of our services is the best fit to solve your problem.


    Once we've determined whether we’re filling a permanent role, contract or undertaking an executive search, we’ll advise you the market: available skill sets, reward parameters and salary levels to help you find the best fit for your opportunity.


    After that, we’ll work with you to build the job specification from scratch or ensure your existing job specification is as open, inclusive and accessible to our talent pool as possible.


    When we know the truth of your challenge, we’ll tell you the truth about whether or not it can be solved. We believe in investigating the art of the possible, not just throwing bodies at a problem.


  • Attraction Phase

    Now that we understand your brand and your challenge, we’ll use almost two decades of experience in the data and technology industry to attract the best and most innovative candidates.


    We know what you’re thinking, that all sounds like a good bit of marketing-jargon but it doesn’t really mean anything.


    Well, cards on the table, here’s how we do it:


    • We hit the market with a multi-channel marketing strategy across web and social media
    • Reach out to our best-in-breed network of curated data and technology professionals, who have trusted us for almost 20 years.
    • Leverage our unique relationships with people placed through the MBN Academy.
    • Access unsurfaced talent through our constantly growing and thriving technology and data communities.


    Once we’ve attracted the highest-calibre talent, we’ll match the best of the best with your brand and challenge.

  • Matching Phase

    We believe in finding the best fit for your unique talent challenge, not just putting bums on seats.


    Based on what we learnt in Discovery, we’ll build a bespoke pre-screening process for your opportunity that covers everything from technical skills to cultural fit.


    Because we understand the importance of finding the perfect person for your organisation, we don’t purely base our search on the number of times a keyword appears on a CV.


    We get to know the people we represent, so we can present you with the best talent.


    Talent that’s diverse, experienced, innovative and has gone through the same rigorous interview preparation process as that delivered by the MBN Academy.


    Our screening techniques have made us the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading technology and data organisations.


    So, what are you waiting for?