MBN Academy

MBN Academy is the bridge between academia and industry. Utilising our vast experience of talent challenges in the data and technology industries, MBN Academy advises industry and academia on best practice in collaborations, training and educating emerging data and technology talent. It covers career choices and employability, creating and promoting pathways into employment and championing diversity.

Bridging the Gap between Academia and Industry

The tech industry is facing a skills shortage, so we set up MBN Academy to find those skills shortages and address them, ensuring that business always has access to the next generation of talent.


As part of bridging the gap we:

  • Work with industry to help shape understanding of the needs of academia
  • Train students in employability and create opportunities for them to enter the data and technology industries
  • Partner with academics and leading universities to advise on industry needs and help shape relevant learning content.
Get Involved

The Data Lab

We partnered with the Data Lab to place more than 300 (and counting!) Msc Programme students into summer internships across Scotland’s public and private sector.


This has created career pathways for hundreds of people - either fresh out of university or retraining to tackle a new and exciting career.


Employability training is a big part of what we do. We take everything we’ve learned (literally decades of experience, our management team has been around a long time) and distill it like fine whisky until it becomes hints and tips that give everyone that receives our training better chances of getting a job.


It’s been delivered to more than a thousand aspiring data and technology professionals (with even more to come) and, more importantly, it's delivered to people who wouldn’t usually have access to that kind of training. So, we’re helping build diverse talent pipelines across the industry as well.


MBN Academy has strong partnerships with education institutions and industry bodies. Its expertise helps shape the future of the data and technology industry.

  • UK Data and Marketing Association

    As a long term contributor and advisor on skills and talent to the Data and Marketing Association’s (DMA) Scottish Council, we’ve helped the DMA’s Creative Data Academy deliver game-changing employability training.


    This partnership has helped equip aspiring data marketing professionals with the skills they need to nail job interviews and join this exciting and fast-growing sector.


  • Skills Development Scotland

    We’ve helped Skills Development Scotland understand the ever-changing skills needs of the data industry. As part of this, we’ve worked with them to adapt and refine learning programmes that support people through career transitions into the data and technology sector.


    We don’t just work with any organisation. We love our partners because (among other reasons) they’re focused on practicable, implementable, industry-changing diversity as much as we are. We’re proud to share the same ideals.


  • University of Glasgow

    Robin Huggins, MBN’s Director of Academy, sits on the University of Glasgow’s Industrial Advisory Board and School of Mathematics and Statistics, providing industry advice on course content, industry trends and related topics.


    Rob collaborates with technology experts in academia and across the public and private sectors. Doing this helps the School maintain its world-leading position delivering the fundamentals for incredible careers in data and technology. Rob’s really not as scary as he looks (he does look pretty scary).


  • Leading UK Universities

    From workshops and lessons to careers fairs and exhibitions, we partner with the UK’s leading universities to bridge the gap between finishing university and starting a career by advising on the needs of cutting-edge data and technology organisations.

  • CodeClan

    CodeClan is one of Scotland’s leading coding schools. It’s short, intensive, training programmes help aspiring coders and data scientists get a headstart on a new career. We’ve joined with them to mentor their data analytics students on employability and how to get started with their new careers.

  • Equate Scotland

    Equate Scotland focuses on making positive experiences for women in science engineering, technology and the built environment. Through our work with them, we’ve delivered sessions on re-training and upskilling, helped improve diversity in Scotland’s technology sector and given training to help more people find pathways into becoming data scientists.

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